Monday February 20th meeting

We had a good time at our last meeting Monday the 13th and were extremely efficient at making bracelets, we made 108 of different sizes. Thank you to Maddy, Glen and Eddie (and Marie).

For our next meeting, we will start or first multi week project, Glen will be leading this project.

We will be crafting a note book cover ( cutting it out, tool it, stain it, lace/stitch it).
Our second multi week project will be led by Mike (I will send you all the info on that project on a lalter date)
I attached the template to give you an idea of the amount of leather we will be using.
The template says 3-4 oz for the outer part, 2-3 oz for the inside  part (and liner if you want to line it).
Please bring all the tools and supplies you think will be necessary for this project, Glen will be bringing the template
You are not obligated to make this notebook, but can also just come with your own project and benefit from all the expertise that this terrific group has to offer.
I hope I will see you all the 20th