The spiral bound notebook that fits the cover we’re making is from Staples. You can see it here:

They’re $4.99 (plus tax) each. I can stop by Staples this weekend and buy a few to bring Monday night if anyone is interested.

If anyone who wasn’t at the art center on Monday night is interested in making one of these covers, let me know. We can meet somewhere and I can get you the templates. Or I can meet you at Tandy Saturday and maybe you can cut the pieces there. Just let me know what you want to do.

And speaking of the notebook cover, I had put my makers stamp on the strap where the stitching is. It looked nice and centered and I was pretty happy with it. Then I went to sew it to the back and realized that I had put my makers mark on upside down. Ah well. So I had to cut another strap, stamp it, and color it.  Live and learn, hopefully.

On Monday night, we’ll finish our covers. If you want to go ahead and punch holes for lacing or stitching, go ahead. Otherwise you can do that Monday night. I’ll be lacing mine with a combination of double loop and triple loop lacing.

See you all Monday night.