Tonight’s Project

Here’s what we’ll be working on tomorrow night.
Here are the sized of the materials you’ll need:

Back – 13 ½” x 7 ¾”  - 3 to 4 oz leather

Lining – same dimension as back, but with lining material (and the lining is

Pockets – 5” x 7 ¾” – 2 to 3 oz leather or lining leather

Strap – 1 ½” x 8 ½” – 3 to 4 oz

Loop – 1” x 3 ¾” – 3 to 4 oz

I don’t envision doing much tooling tomorrow night (I think I’m just going
to stamp my initials). 

Here’s basically what we’ll be doing for the whole project:

*	Cut the leather pieces
*	Edge bevel the strap and front (grain side)
*	Color and finish back, strap, and loop
*	Punch holes for loop and strap, then sew them to the back
*	Contact cement lining to back, then cut it to size
*	Lace or stitch to finish

I believe we’ll probably get as far as coloring tomorrow night. You may want
to do that at home, especially if you want to carve a design.

At the next meeting, we’ll be assembling it and either stitching it or
lacing it (I’ll be doing a double loop lace on mine).

If you want to watch a video of this project being made, you can watch
Chief’s video here:

See you all tomorrow night.